Tuesday, June 05, 2007

(Apparently) I've Still Got It....

Out on Saturday night with Best Mate J (from school days), other great mate D (also from school) and S (the other lady that I work with who is "hopefully" me in ten years time). Visited amazing tapas restaurant (who knew such fine Spanish cuisine could be found in Belfast), drank loads of wine, went to see Girls Aloud (not one of my finer cultural moments, but spectacular entertainment nonetheless) and then ended up in cheesy club full of young children later on.

By this stage copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed by all concerned. My memory has faded by this stage. No wonder the Government are trying to do more to ban evil binge drinking. I went up to a guy and commented how much he looked like my next door neighbour which was true. I was kind of hoping it was going to be my actual next door neighbour - it wasn't. The Boy asked me if I fancied my next door neighbour, to which I replied by snogging him (I think?). Anyway there was definitely snogging involved at some stage. I do remember that I asked him to guess my age which he got fabulously wrong. I was my delighted drunken self. Turns out he was only 22. I am a couple of months away from being 30.

We swapped numbers. I have no intention of calling him because aside from any other good reasons for not calling him, I can't actually remember his name.

It was fun. It was lovely. He was a great kisser and I've been on cloud 9. But that's it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Finish with Someone - Part 2....

.....and so it was that the Boy and I went our separate ways.

I said to him that there were many good aspects to our relationship but not enough to keep things going. I told him I would still like to go with him to the theatre using the theatre tickets I'd bought him for his birthday. Both tickets were still in my possession at the time of the split. I said that if he'd rather go with a friend then he could have my ticket. He said he'd be in touch.

The following Friday I texted him to see what he wanted to do. He texted (I love the fact that "text" is now a verb) back saying that he didn't fancy it and I could use the tickets myself. I quickly got in touch with a friend who was visiting me from Dublin that weekend to see if she wanted to come up a day earlier and go to the theatre. She agreed and arrangements were made.

Picture the scene.... The craic girl is dressed in adidas trackies (covered in years of paint from different house makeovers) and an old free T-shirt (also covered in paint. My hair is scraped back and I am practically knee deep in marshmallow pink coloured paint. I'm painting the kitchen in the "Smallest Apartment in the World TM" when my mobile goes. I answer it using a paint covered latex glove covered hand without looking to see who the caller is. It is my now ex S who says that he's changed his mind and would now like to go to the theatre. I am quite taken aback by this but have no option other than to say that I'm going with a friend from out of town and it's all arranged.

Unfortunately mate you're too late.

Still feel guilty about this. If I had bought him a present such as CDs etc I wouldn't be asking for them back. I intend to take his some sort of reimbursement when I leave back his Justin CD. I know I coudl just think oh sod it, but it'll haunt my for a long time if I don't draw a line under it soon.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to Finish with Someone - Part 1....

So the boy S and I split up some time ago now - just before Easter, after nearly four months together. Well when I say together I really mean seeing each other.

We had been friends (through other friends) for about 2 years prior to the snogging incident at the start of December 2006, which was the start of a "relationship". All was good. I wasn't exactly sure if I totally fancied him but thought I would give it a go and see what happened. I'm so fickle and so shallow at times that I do worry that I might miss out on "the one" (or one of the many "the one"s - depending on how you look at it) so from time to time I date people who I'm initially not 100% about to see how I might feel. This makes me sound very heartless (probably) but let's face the one's that I have felt 100% sure of haven't worked out either and it's good to try new things. I honestly thought that S had the potential to be my Harry (as in Charlotte from Sex and the City's husband Harry).

Things were going well enough, but a month in and nothing had happened in the bedroom department. I'd even turned up at his house drunk in an attempt to move things along. He walked me back home, kiss on the doorstep.... the Craic Girl goes to bed alone. In previous relationships and flings I've been the one shoving rampant suitors out of the door when things have got too frisky. Until now I'd never been the one left wanting more, usually I'm the one wanting and needing some sleep and a break! The next three months were no different, if anything I felt he backed off from me. I realise now that if I had really cared for S and had seen a future together I would have talked to him about this aspect of our relationship. Maybe he was waiting for marriage? Maybe he was waiting for me to take the lead? Who knows?

We were great at dinner, often last to leave restaurants, great at talking and chatting late into the night and on the phone and great at watching films. I'd finally met someone who allowed me the space, time and respect to dissect the films we'd seen and form opinions about them. I've never felt confident enough to do this with anyone else before.

We were terrible at making time for each other, both of us taking on more than ever before, forcing a relationship into the tiniest windows. I felt that he was often guilty of not making plans in advance. While I enjoy spotaneity, my life is generally structured and planned - cramming in as much as possible. When he asked me to do something and my time was already committed I ended up feeling bad about things.

S works late a few nights during the week so by the time Friday night rolls around he was always exhausted. I knew this so never put pressure on him to catch up on a Friday. Nearly every week that we dated he would promise to do something on Friday night only to phone or text nearer the time to cancel. The final one was where we had arranged to catch up on the Friday and as usual (you could've set your watch by him) he phoned to cancel saying instead that we could do something on the Saturday night instead. I said that I already had plans with other friedns and he seemed a bit mythed until I pointed out that had I seen him on the Friday as planned it was perfectly permissible to catch up with friends on Saturday.

I was terrified about going to finish him, mainly because I have mostly been dumped rather than the dumper. Confrontation does not rest easily with me. I would have much rather driven to Derry or Donegal than call round at his to call things off.

I went into his house and said how I thought there was no point continuing to see each other as I didn't think there was enough of a spark between us. He replied with such a classic line that I have it filed away in case I'm dumped in the future. I've passed it onto friends and now to the blogosphere. He said:

"Yeah, I'd been thinking the same...."

Thinking the same - eh? Well why didn't you say so? Readers, remember this one. Tattoo it on your arm if you can't. Very, very useful come back and shrug off.

I'm glad that we did give it a go though. I would have wondered "what if". I have learnt that if I am mad about someone then I will make time for them in my life. I have also learnt that if someone really likes me then they will show me. Nothing is pointless so long as something is learnt.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Life in Brief....

Well since I am not likely to get around to updating my blog in a lengthy way anytime soon I will quickly fill you in on all the news (if anyone is still interested). The following comes from a similar recent email to a friend who I've never met (who I hope won't mind):
  • I split up with the boy just before Easter. Didn't think that it was going anywhere (not enough spark) after 4 months together. Plus there was no sex happening and without going into too much detail it wasn't me that wasn't up for it. Maybe he was waiting for marriage - I don't know? I think if he had ticked all the other boxes I would have spoken to him about it. No tears from me - all good.
  • No dates since though.
  • Thinking about speed-dating later this week as it is getting hard finding attractive tall men in Belfast. Realistically though it's on Thursday. It's probably sold out by now and I have too much work to do to go.
  • Slightly in love (from a far) with an old snog buddy who lives round the corner. He is off to London though in a few months to study for a year so think it wise not to go down that road of long-distance relationships again.
  • My mum has put my family home (the only place I have ever called home - she's never moved my whole life) on the market. Tonight she's been shown other people with hopes and dreams around the place where I've had most of mine nurtured.
  • I have had coffee with the Hobbits that live across the hall from me. They are actually lovely.
  • I've been organising three hen weekends for the brides that I am bridesmaid for this year.
  • I've been trying to not eat so much rubbish in an attempt to not put on any more weight.
  • I'm working on too many homers (private work outside normal proper work). They are slowly driving me mental even though it is extra money.
  • My ex M has publicly announced that he is in a new relationship on a well known site ont internet. This has annoyed me because he never announced similar when he was with me and also he is currently living and working in foreign parts so I'm not sure how he is managing this. I fear that this is an announcement aimed primarily at me, because he knows that I have googled him in the past (when we were together) and I really want to email him and tell him to F*** off and get over himself but then that would be me actually caring about what he does. In some ways I don't care but obviously because I haven't found someone (read anyone) better than him it would appear that I do care. I really hope he has sorted himself out and doesn't mess someone else's emotions about.
  • I realise now that I have never told anyone that I loved them (aside from family) and meant it. I told M that I loved him which I thought I meant at the time but I sadly I said it really to provoke a reaction from him and see what he had to say for himself. Strangely it didn't work. We split up about two days later.
  • Oh and most excitingly I had my actual name mentioned on Radio One last week.

Regardless of all that I've said above I am happy - just working too hard but that'll be coming to an end soon.
That's about it at the moment....

Sorry for such an outburst but once I started I couldn't stop! I miss having the time to blog.

I hope that I find the time to elaborate more on the above points but at least you'll know where I'm at.

My Briefs in Life....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is Technology Bringing Us More Up Close and Personal With Each Other?

Readers (if indeed there are any left after my lengthy absence).... I have today experienced that the blog-osphere or world of blogging is incredibily small.

Today I was reading the comments on one of my favourite blogs (although yet to appear on my blogroll) and linked back to one of the commenter's blogs where they had posted their photo. Nothing unusual about that. Good blog discovered. Later on I was looking at an Ex's (yes stalking is bad, but it's been a slow day) website which linked onto someone else's. I went there and low and behold this person is bezza mates with the good blog I was reading for the first time this morning as there are lots of photos of them.

If all these people lived in the same village and I met them all in the local pub - then it would be a coincidence but given that the people involved reside in: Edinburgh, London, somewhere very foreign and I'm in Belfast then it's particularly mental.

As indeed is my life at the moment.... I am doing ok, just too busy, but I will get through some of this soon.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Laugh With Me....

Head over to this site here readers and see about getting your work published as part of an excellent way to make money for Comic Relief. Troubled Diva is looking for bloggers to email in suitably funny posts (and he doesn't mean funny strange, he means funny ha-ha) for inclusion in a book to sell to raise money.


So I urge you to call over that way and see what you can dig out of your archives in the aid of charidee. All the rules are there. Right I'm off to see if I have anything suitable - I doubt it but you never know.

Ok.... So after reading my complete archives - which took all of about 5 minutes - I've decided that I'm more funny strange than funny ha-ha.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Help Me....

Just a quick post to enlist some help from any Northern Irish or Irish readers.....

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am bridesmaid three times this year. The search for dresses is proving difficult.

I am looking for the following dress:
  • full length
  • satin (type material)
  • strapless
  • preferably with sweetheart neck line
  • generous draping across the waist
  • diagonal cut across the middle rather than straight across
  • coral or bright pinky orange (watermelon) - colour similar to Girls Aloud favourite Cheryl Cole's bridesmaids' dresses.

Any suggestions on where to go gratefully received.

In other news I am delighted to have been tagged by Drama Queen and will get writing a post of What's Not on My iPod later on today.